Class Descriptions

Perfekt Pilates

Our signature pilates mat class will focus on core strength, posture and flexibility, while working arms, back, butt and legs. Class Length: 55 Minutes


Along with our upbeat, high energy music, our signature cycling classes use on-board monitors to measure your performance and exertion levels. This will allow you to set individual goals and measure your improvement over time. Class Length: 55 Minutes

Perfekt Blend

Our signature pilates class combining both pilates and barre work to tone, sculpt and lengthen you from head to toe, combining exercises rooted in Ballet, Pilates and Yoga. Class Length: 55 Minutes

Perfekt Half

If you love cycling and pilates, this class is Perfekt for you! Class begins with 30 minutes of cycling and then moves into 30 minutes of pilates! Class Length: 60 Minutes

Fly Wheel 45

This class combines 45-minutes of cycling with an additional 15-minutes of toning (upper body/abs) and stretching. Class Length: 60 Minutes


A Hindu discipline which incorporates simple meditation, breath control and specific body postures. We promise a Perfekt challenge to your body… a balance of well-being achieved in 60 minutes. Class Length: 60 Minutes

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